Recently we all welcomed 2022 ! but story didn’t end there. spring has come and so does the season of festivals. We had valentine day in February, Holi (An indian festival, now celebrated all over the world), Easter in April and so on. We all want to celebrate festivals with family and friends. Now the challenge is how to plan and how to decorate place for guests??

So we are here, with some ideas which will help you to plan well make your place ready for the guests.

Let’s start with,

Door Decoration

Door decorations are the first thing your guests will see. So, go on decorate your door. You can put a flower bail or a round arch with flowers and lights. Even a newly painted door would also attract eyes of your guests. To add other touches, like a ‘Welcome’ banner, to encourage the happy festive feeling will give your entrance a finishing touch.

Seating Arrangement

Make sure that there should be enough space and seats for each guests. You can always count number of guest you are inviting and can plan a place to sit accordingly. Don’t hesitate to utilise your garden, backyard, pateo or rooftop. whichever of these you think can accomodate your guest, go ahead and plan your party there.


Beautiful lights attract people and bring smile on their faces. Well you can plan a party over your rooftop or may be backyard of not inside the house but ensure there should be enough lighting if the party is in the evening or later. You can use beautiful Chandelier or number of bulbs or wire lights to make it more attractive. Even colorful and fragrant candles could work as a cherry on the cake.


Plan some activies with your guests. Keep some game or music or any other fun activity to your guests involved. This is a very good way to know your guests more and give them a pleasant and memorable experience.

Mingle more

As you are the host of the party you need to make your guests are comfortable. Greet them well with a smile, accepts gifts from them hapily. you can also give them compliment for their outfits or watch or the way they are looking. Introduce them to other guests and let them talk and know each other.

Dress Well

Being a host, you must look welcoming. Therefore, your attire matters. Wear something which is appropriate as per the occasion and keeps you comforatble throughout the event. The colour of your outfit should suit your complexion and match your footwear. Make sure you get ready atleast 30-40 mins before your guests arriving time.

Yummy Food

We all know, food matters the most in any event wether big or small. You can plan 3 or 4 course meal or may be more depending on affordability but it should be as per the occasion. For an example, For a birthday party you can avoid Roasted Turky but cannnot miss on Cake. Also, the food should be in enough quantity, look presentable and smell fresh.

Last but not the least

One of the most important party attraction is your dessert after dinner. You can bake a cake or keep some walnut brownies or order sweets as per your festivities. Also, you can keep some small chocolate bags or pack of sweets to offer your guests as a return gift. So that, they will have sweet memories when they return to their home after attending your party.

Now that you have all the inspiration you need to decorate for party, you can host a breathtaking event. 

All the best.


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